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The Dangers of Pesticides: 7 Recent Articles & Studies

1. Pesticide Parkinson’s Link Strong

2. Pesticides in Your Peaches

3. Specific Pesticide Directly Linked to Parkinson’s Disease

4. Common Household Pesticides Linked To Childhood Cancer

5. More Pesticide Residue Allowed on Citrus, Rules EPA

6. Fertilisers Reducing Plant Diversity

7. On-The-Job Pesticide Exposure Associated with Parkinson’s Disease

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The Benefits of Green Tea: 7 Recent Studies & Articles

1. New Evidence That Green Tea May Help Improve Bone Health

2. Green Tea May Protect Against Blood Cell Cancer

3. Green Tea Could Delay Prostate Cancer

4. Five Cups of Green Tea Best Defense Against Cancer

5. Green Tea Extract Fights Leukemia

6. Green Tea Linked to Less Stomach Cancer in Women

7. Green Tea Cuts Heart Disease Risk

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6 Articles & Studies on Mercury and Other Pollutants in Lakes and Rivers

1. Mercury in Fish Widespread, Study Shows

2. Toxins in Lake Michigan Fish Linked to Diabetes

3. Fertilizer Ban Improves Quality of Nearby Lakes and Rivers

4. Weed Killer May Be in Your Drinking Water at Dangerous Levels

5. How Farm-Raised Salmon Are Turning Our Oceans Into Dangerous and Polluted Feedlots

6. Flame Retardant Chemicals Found in U.S. Coastal Waters and Great Lakes

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The Benefits a Vegetarian Diet: 7 Articles & Studies

1. Vegetarians Less Likely to Develop Cancer, Say Researchers

2. Cancer Incidence Lower in British Vegetarians

3. Death Link to Too Much Red Meat

4. Gut Check: The Meat of the Problem

5. Live Longer by Reducing Red Meat Intake

6. Less Meat Brings Heart, Climate Benefits, Says Professor

7. Vegetarians Less Likely to Develop Cancer, Say Researchers

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7 Studies and Articles on the Benefits of Omega-3 and Fish Oils

1. Fatty Oil in Fish May Help Reduce Tumors

2. Review Confirms Omega-3 Benefits

3. Omega-3 Fish Oils Linked to Better Semen Quality

4. More Evidence That Fish is Brain Food

5. Fish Oils are the Best Defence Against Heart Disease

6. Fish Oil Rivals Antidepressants in Clinical Trial

7. Omega-3, Vitamin E Mix Shows Potential for Autistic Speech

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7 Recent Articles and Studies on Breast Cancer Prevention & Research

1. Breastfeeding May Cut Hereditary Breast Cancer Risk

2. Radiation Increases Breast Cancer Rates

3. Benefits of Mammograms, PSA Tests Overestimated

4. Any Spread of Breast Cancer Raises Recurrence Risk

5. Weightlifting Benefits Breast Cancer Survivors

6. Benefits of Breast Cancer Screening Questioned

7. Eating Mushrooms May Cut Breast Cancer Risk by Two Thirds

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8 Recent Reports and Articles on Bad Prescription Drugs

Reports of Serious Drug Reactions Hit Record

FDA Tells Patients to Stick With Diabetes Drug Linked to Cancer

Dry Mouth Linked to Prescription and Over the Counter Drugs

Pharmacy Research Shows Prescribers Miss Potentially Dangerous Drug Pairs

FDA Says Popular Arthritis Drugs Pose Cancer Risk to Children

Medicines Cause Most Accidental Poisonings in Kids

Wyeth’s HRT Drug Increases Risk of Death From Lung Cancer

Acid-Reducing Medicines May Lead to Dependency

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9 Recent Studies & Articles on the Benefits of Vitamin D

Here is a sampling of recent articles in both alternative and mainstream sources that discuss the analysis, benefits, and use of vitamin D as part of a healthy lifestyle.

1. Vitamin D Deficiency is Widespead and on the Increase (

2. Vitamin D May Help Prevent Knee Osteoarthritis (

3. Vitamin D, Green Tea and Cocoa Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease (NaturalNews)

4. Pre-Birth Vitamin D Levels Determine Your Health for Life (NaturalNews)

5. 70 Per Cent of Children Don’t Get Enough of the ‘Sunshine’ Vitamin (

6. Low Vitamin D Levels Linked To Metabolic Syndrome (

7. Daily Does Of Vitamin D Hones Men’s Minds: Study (Ottawa Citizen)

8. Canada Examines Vitamin D for Swine Flu Protection (

9. Vitamin D Key to Healthy Brain (NaturalNews)

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15 Natural Health Newsletters & Resources You Should Be Reading

If you are a health writer or researcher, there are literally thousands of good, quality websites promoting news and information on natural health and related benefits. I personally follow a number of websites by subscribing to their email newseletters. Here is a list of health newsletters and resources that you may find invaluable in your own quest to keep up with the latest developments in natural health.

1. Alliance for Natural Health

Alliance For Natural Health

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